Mojo Coffee &
Nye's Cream
Inclusion. Jobs. Dignity.

We provide secure, successful jobs which in turn help our employees form meaningful friendships with their peers; live independently; improve their public speaking, develop self-advocacy and communication skills; and feel valued and included by society. We celebrate and honor their special abilities!

It's an Inclusion Revolution!

Integrated employment,
front and center

For too long, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have been kept in the shadows. Mojo Coffee & Nye's Cream is about inclusion, acceptance and opportunity for all. Visit us in our awesome flagship shop, right in the middle of downtown Sarasota, Florida.

Dignity and Respect


Great coffee and ice cream in an inspiring environment

Slow down, enjoy delicious coffee and gourmet ice cream treats while you spend time with our amazing "Mojo & Nye's Squad"

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Join Mojo Coffee
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in the
Inclusion Revolution

It took a vision and a village to establish and cultivate Mojo Coffee & Nye's Cream. Many thanks to our generous partners.

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